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Protecting the Vulnerable During Disasters

Disaster can impact any of us, at any time. Whether it's fire, flood, earthquake, manmade event or any other kind of disaster, safe evacuation is Job One.

If we learned anything from Hurricane Katrina, with its vivid images and heartbreaking stories of defenseless victims unable to evacuate, the elderly being floated out on mattresses, and young children separated from their families, it's that we must be better equipped to ensure the vulnerable among us can evacuate safely.

Citizen Voice's SAFELY OUT™ project, developed with technical assistance from the Red Cross Sacramento Sierra Chapter, is designed specifically to ensure our most vulnerable citizens, including the disabled, frail seniors, young children and more are protected during a disaster.

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"SAFELY OUT™ is a project that encourages members of the public to assist their disabled and special needs neighbors in disasters.  Citizen Voice, a nonprofit organization that motivates citizens to become involved on behalf of those who are vulnerable, developed SAFELY OUT™ in partnership with the American Red Cross in Sacramento, California."

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Enhancing Public Health Emergency Preparedness for Special Needs Populations: A Toolkit for State and Local Planning and Response, A RAND Health Initiative



"We learned many hard lessons from the disastrous flooding unleashed on New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Among them, each of us must take individual responsibility for his or her own safety during a disaster, whether it be flood, fire, earthquake or terrorism. A lone government agency can’t possibly cope with moving hundreds, even thousands of its citizens out of harm’s way."

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Winnie Comstock - Carlson, Comstock's Business Magazine, December 2007 Issue



"Sometimes when I look around the conference table, I can't believe that two ordinary restoration guys are hanging out with such heavy hitters.  A case in point.  A former radio personality, Jay Alan, is now the external affairs director for the California Emergency Management Agency.  Alan was at Arnold Schwarzenegger's side as the "public face" for the agency when the governor toured the destruction after a natural gas explosion near San Francisco last September."

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Cleaning and Restoration Magazine, January 2011 Issue



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