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Proposition 40: Re-drawing of State Senate District Boundaries (Redistricting)                        

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Proposition 40 is designed to let voters approve or reject the new state Senate districts created by the Citizens Redistricting Commission. If Prop 40 is approved with a “Yes” vote, nothing will change from the current plan. If rejected by a “No” vote, the Senate districts will be re-drawn again, this time by officials under the supervision of the California Supreme Court.

Supporters of Proposition 40 say it simply protects the senate districts created by the voter-approved Citizens Redistricting Commission and upholds the will of California voters to hold their elected officials accountable. More important, supporters say, a Yes vote will continue to keep politicians out of the redistricting process.

Supporters of Proposition 40 include the California Chamber of Commerce, The National Federation of Independent Business, California Common Cause, the AARP, and the NAACP California.

Due to a Supreme Court decision that keeps existing Senate districts in place for 2012, Prop. 40 opponents have suspended their campaign and are no longer seeking a “No” vote.


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Yes on Proposition 40:
No on Proposition 40: (Note: this site has not been updated since Feb. 2012 and, while still active, there is no longer an organized “No on Proposition 40” campaign.)

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