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Proposition 39: Income Taxes on

Multi-State Businesses For

Clean Energy/Energy Efficiency Funding

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Proposition 39 would change the tax laws to require businesses that operate in multiple states to pay California income tax based on the percentage of their sales that come from California. From this money, California would dedicate $550 million every year for five years to pay for projects that create clean energy and energy efficiency jobs.

Supporters of Proposition 39 call it the “California Clean Energy Jobs Act” and say it closes an unfair tax loophole that lets out-of-state corporations avoid taxes by keeping jobs out of California. They state that the fewer employees here, the less tax the corporations pay. That loophole, supporters say, costs California’s budget $1 billion and thousands of jobs every year because it rewards companies for providing fewer jobs in California. If passed, supporters claim Prop 39 could create as many as 40,000 jobs in California.

Supporters of Proposition 39 include the American Lung Association in California, Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs, and the Latin Business Association.

Opponents of Proposition 39 say it is a massive $1 billion tax increase on California job creators and a recipe for waste and corruption because it creates more bureaucracy and gives Sacramento politicians a blank check to spend without accountability. Opponents point out that California is already losing businesses at a record rate, in part because for eight years it has ranked as the worst state in the nation for business, and say raising more taxes on employers is going to make things worse, not better. 

Opponents of Proposition 39 include the California Taxpayer Protection Committee, Friends for Saving California Jobs, the National Tax Limitation Committee and the California Manufacturers & Technology Association.

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