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Proposition 36: Revision of Three Strikes Law                           

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California’s current “three strikes” law imposes a life sentence for any felony if the person convicted has two previous serious or violent felony convictions. Proposition 36 would revise the law so that a life sentence on the third strike would only be given if that third strike is for a serious or violent crime. If passed, the measure would also allow for re-sentencing criminals who are currently serving life sentences if their third conviction was for a non-serious or non violent crime and a judge determines that a new sentence does not pose an “unreasonable” risk to public safety. Under Prop 36, mandatory life sentences would continue to be imposed if any previous conviction was for rape, murder or child molestation, or if the third crime involved sex or drug offenses, or a gun.

Supporters of Proposition 36 say it restores the voters’ original intent of the Three Strikes Law by focusing only on violent criminals, instead of handing out life sentences for people convicted of minor crimes like shoplifting. As a result, supporters say, the measure can save California more than $100 million that is currently being spent on prison and parole operations for Three Strikes offenders.

Supporters of Proposition 36 include the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, George Soros, the California Democratic Party and Families Against California’s Three Strikes.

Opponents of Proposition 36 call it a very dangerous initiative that would allow almost one-half of California’s three-strike prison inmates to be re-sentenced and released – some without any supervision. This, opponents say, only puts repeat offenders back on the street where they can impact yet more victims. Opponents also point out that shortly after Three Strikes became law in 1994, California crime dropped in half. 

Opponents of Proposition 36 include The California Police Chiefs Association, California State Sheriff’s Association, California District Attorney’s Association and Crime Victims United.

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