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Proposition 34: Eliminate the Death Penalty         

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Proposition 34 would eliminate the death penalty in California and replace it with a sentence of life in prison with no chance for parole. Importantly, it would apply retroactively, meaning it applies to anyone who has already been convicted of murder and sentenced to death. The measure would also make it a requirement for anyone found guilty of murder to work while in prison, with some of their wages to be given to funds for victims and their families. Prop 34 would also earmark $100 million in grants (paid for from projected savings created by the proposal) to law enforcement agencies for investigation of homicide and rape.

Supporters of Proposition 34 say it ensures that California never executes an innocent person and saves California taxpayers $130 million every year that is currently spent on death penalty appeals and other costs.

Supporters of Proposition 34 include California Church IMPACT, the California Catholic Conference of Bishops, ACLU of California, Amnesty International, the League of Women Voters and the California State NAACP.

Opponents of Proposition 34 say argue it will cost Californians millions of dollars to give lifetime healthcare and housing to killers who tortured, raped and murdered children, cops mothers and fathers. 

Opponents of Proposition 34 include the California Coalition of Law Enforcement Agencies, Crime Victims United, the California State Sheriff Association, the California Association of Highway Patrol and district attorneys throughout California.

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