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Proposition 33: Auto Insurance Prices Based

on History of Having Insurance                            

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Proposition 33 would change the law so insurance companies could set prices for automobile insurance based on whether you had insurance with any other company before. Drivers who don’t have a history of continuous insurance would pay more. Special exceptions would be made for drivers who drop their insurance in order to serve in the military or because of loss of employment. The measure also has a grace period of 90 days, so drivers who drop their insurance but purchase new insurance within 90 days would still be considered as continuously covered.

Supporters of Proposition 33 say it gives drivers the freedom to change insurance companies and keep their discount for being good drivers. That, they say, will make insurance companies compete harder for customers, which can lead to lower insurance rates and more insured drivers overall.

Supporters of Proposition 33 include the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Greenlining Institute, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars of California, among others.

Opponents of Proposition 33 call it another “deceptive insurance company trick” and point out that voters defeated a similar insurance-company sponsored initiative in 2010. Their main argument is that Prop 33 unfairly punishes people who stop driving for legitimate reasons, even if they weren’t driving or didn’t have a car, and allows insurance companies to raise rates on consumers by as much as $1,000. 

Opponents of Proposition 33 include the California Alliance for Retired Americans, California Church IMPACT, the Consumer Federation of California and Consumers Union, among others.

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