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Proposition 32: Restrictions on Using Payroll  Deductions For Political Purposes                       

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Proposition 32 would restrict unions and corporations from automatically deducting funds from workers’ paychecks to fund political campaigns, but would allow voluntary employee contributions. Prop 32 also prohibits corporations and unions from contributing to candidates and candidate-controlled committees or groups. Other kinds of political expenditures would still be allowed.

Supporters of Proposition 32 say it is needed because special interests currently control California government, to the point that our elected leaders listen more to these special interests than to the voters. They state that Prop 32 would cut the ties between special interests and politicians and bring California in line with federal law, which has had these same restrictions in place for more than 100 years.

Supporters of Proposition 32 include Citizens for California Reform, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the California Taxpayer Protection Committee, Waste Watchers, and several city and country taxpayer organizations.

Opponents of Proposition 32 say the measure puts unfair restrictions on working people and their unions and ultimately, won’t take money out of politics. Prop 32, opponents say, would make it even easier for big political action committees to buy elections because it was intentionally written so billionaire businessmen could have more power to write their own rules. 

Opponents of Proposition 32 include The League of Women Voters, ACLU California, The California Federation of Teachers, California Professional Firefighters and several labor organizations.

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