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Proposition 30:

Temporary Income and Sales Tax Increases                       

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Proposition 30 would increase income taxes on Californians earning more than $250,000 for a seven-year period, and increase sales taxes for all Californians by ¼ cent for four years. If passed, estimates are Proposition 30 would raise $6 billion annually for K-12 schools and community colleges.

Supporters of Proposition 30 say it is necessary to prevent deep school cuts, guarantee local public safety funding and help balance the state budget. Without Prop 30, supporters say, schools and colleges face $6 billion in cuts. Supporters also say the money cannot be used for anything other than schools without voter approval.

Supporters of Proposition 30 include Governor Jerry Brown, California Teachers Association, The Association of School Administrators, the California State Sheriff’s Association, and the League of Women Voters.

Opponents of Proposition 30 say it’s a $50 billion tax on all Californians, not just the wealthy, at a time when California families and small businesses are already hurting. Opponents also say Prop 30 offers no guarantees that money raised from the tax increase will ever find its way into classrooms. Instead, opponents say, the measure would give politicians more of California’s tax dollars to spend any way they please.

Opponents of Proposition 30 include The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, National Federal of Independent Business, the Small Business Action Committee, and Californians for Reforms and Jobs, Not Taxes.


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