November 8, 2016
California General Election Information

Quick, Credible, Useful Information for Busy Voters

We've launched a project specifically created to help you, the voter, cut through the election clutter. Unlike confusing 30-second ads, pre-packaged sound bites or mailers spun by political campaigns, this highly valuable information is easy to use so you can participate in our democratic process and make an informed decision you actually feel good about.

Listen to Podcasts

Listen to Citizen Voice President Gary Dietrich and former California State Assemblymembers Roger Niello and Lloyd Levine break down all 17 statewide California propositions on the KFBK Pat Walsh Show:

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Hour #2

Hour #3

Helpful CA Voter Websites

We've heard from many of our friends in the public arena regarding helpful 2016 voter information websites. Here are links to some of our favorites that will be very useful as you get ready for Election Day 2016:

Other Helpful Information:

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Comments on CV Nonpartisan Election Project

 - "The work that Citizen Voice is doing is phenomenal. I am very grateful for the excellent work Gary has done in providing information to someone like me who sadly paid little attention until recently to some of the critical issues upon us. There are not many who can report the facts without significant spin, but Citizen Voice does just that. Keep it up!"

 - "Thank you for doing what you do. It is very difficult to present an honest, nonpartisan perspective on these really hot, sometimes emotionally driven, topics. You really know how to show the forest for the trees."

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